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Host Allstars Poker In Your Venue

Here at Allstars Poker we have over 12yrs of experience behind us. We can increase patrons and increase your venues exposure through the fun and excitement of playing poker. We can give your current patrons another source of entertainment and draw in new patrons. Allstars Poker gives the patrons best opportunities to play and travel all around the world. Allstars Poker is affiliated with Australian Poker Tour which has rapidly become one of the most talked and played events across Australia.

How amazing would it be to have your venue name spread across Australia just by jumping on board and having an Allstars Poker Tournament in your venue. We supply the tournament director, equipment needed to run an event and marketing. We would be delighted to hear from you and host Allstars Poker in your venue. To find out more and take advantage of this great source of entertainment everyone plays please contact us.

Contact us now to arrange your next event!