Here at Allstars Poker we would like to take the time to appreciate and say thank you.

Thank you to all the players that play with us throughout the year. Players who continue to support us and travel to our games. At Allstars Poker we will always continue to offer you the best we can whether that be bigger games, local games, helping you to build your poker game or even a listening ear for your bad beat stories. We will continue to listen and grow but will remember that the players are most important and will continue to reward the players.

We would like say thank you to the following venues:

-Toowoomba Sporting Club at Toowoomba

-Gatton View Hotel Motel at Gatton

-Club Motel Hotel at Lowood

-Spotted Cow at Toowoomba

-United Sports Club at East Ipswich

-Jubilee Golf Club at Gatton

-OMFG’s at Brisbane

– Yorkey’s Knob Boat Club at Yorkeys Knob

– Barron River Hotel at Stratford

-Barron Falls Hotel at Kuranda

-Innisfail RSL at Innisfail

-Mansfield Tavern at Mansfield

Without these venues being on board there would be no where to play this great game of poker we all enjoy.

Allstars Managers would like to say thank you to our Allstars team without our Tournament Directors there would be no one to bring you games. Our team does a wonderful job all the time bringing many types of personalities across the south east of queensland. Our team continues to bring games and new ideas to the poker world.